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Three Reasons Why Your Pet's Vaccines are Important

Last updated 1 year ago

Loving your pet unconditionally means you’d do anything to keep them out of harm’s way. This includes vaccinating your pet to increase his immunity to certain diseases. Vaccines are not only essential to dogs and cats at an early age but also as they continue to grow and mature throughout their lives, so be sure to consult a trusted veterinarian about a vaccination schedule. Continue reading to learn why regular vaccines are crucial.

  1. Prevent Disease: It is strongly advised by veterinarians that dogs and cats take four core vaccinations. Dog owners are instructed to have their pets vaccinated for parvovirus, canine adenovirus, canine distemper virus, and rabies. Cat owners must have their pets vaccinated for feline calcivirus, feline panleukopenia, feline herpesvirus, and rabies. Each of these vaccinations protects your pet’s health by increasing his immunity to certain infectious diseases. Specifically, a vaccination contains a weakened form of the virus or disease that is designed to trigger an immune response. It’s important to be proactive with your pet’s health, so have your pet vaccinated as recommended by your veterinarian.
  2. Catch Early Signs of Illness: When you take your pet in for a vaccination, usually on a yearly basis, he will also undergo a physical exam. This is an opportunity for your veterinarian to determine whether your pet is in good health overall. If there are signs that your pet may be suffering from disease, the veterinarian can diagnose and treat it before it intensifies. Vaccinations and wellness exams are opportunities to stop a disease before it becomes debilitating.
  3. Help Your Pet Live Longer: Failure to have your pet vaccinated can truncate its lifespan significantly. Core vaccinations are necessary because exposure to any of the diseases they prevent can be deadly. Build your pet’s immunity and help him live a long and fulfilling life by taking him to the vet for necessary vaccinations.

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