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Three Tips for Preventing Fleas

Last updated 1 year ago

Fleas are more than an annoyance for pets—they are allergy-inducing, disease-carrying, and unrelenting pests. When they bite fleas cause itchy, red bumps that will cause your pet to scratch and bite at its skin constantly. At worst, they can transmit disease to your pet or even to you. Preventing and treating fleas is a vital aspect of animal care. Continue reading to learn how to prevent, detect, and treat fleas before they get out of control and transmit parasites to your pet.

  1. How to Prevent Fleas: Household and environmental factors play a big role in determining whether fleas will find a certain area suitable. Fleas enjoy humidity and heat, and they typically gather in cracks and crevices. Vacuum and clean your home thoroughly while paying close attention to cracks and tiny spaces that fleas may occupy. In addition, you can help prevent fleas for months at a time by applying a topical anti-flea medication to your pet’s skin or administering an oral medication. This can be used to both prevent and treat fleas.
  2. How to Detect Fleas: It’s fairly easy for pet owners to detect if their pets have fleas. Biting, scratching, and general signs of discomfort are telltale signs that your pet has fleas. Closely inspect your pet’s fur if you suspect that his scratching and apparent discomfort comes as a result of fleas.
  3. How to Treat Fleas: Even after taking preventative measures, fleas can still find their way onto your pet’s skin. Speak with a trusted veterinarian to discuss the best method for removing these pests. Chances are your veterinarian will write a prescription medication such as a topical cream to apply to your pet’s back. Sprays, dips, shampoos, oral products, and collars are among the many other common treatment options you can discuss with your veterinarian.

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