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Signs Your Pet Has Allergies and How to Address Them

Last updated 1 year ago

If your dog or cat scratches or bites at his skin constantly, your pet might have allergies. The same airborne allergens that make humans sneeze can affect four-legged friends, too. Your pet may even be allergic to an ingredient in the food he eats every day. Read on to learn which signs may indicate pet allergies and how your veterinarian can help you find the right treatment.

Signs of Allergies
Pets can be allergic to pollen, mold spores, flea bites, foods they eat, or even carpet fibers in your home. Here are some common signs of pet allergies:

·         Chewing the feet and skin persistently.

·         Constantly licking the groin or flank.

·         Sneezing and coughing.

·         Itchy or runny eyes.

·         Rubbing and scratching at ears.

·         Frequent ear infections.

·         Excessive snoring.

·         Patches of skin that are red, inflamed, or scaly.

Effects of Allergies
Sometimes, a pet can have a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate veterinary attention. An insect bite, food allergy, or exposure to chemicals can cause severe reactions in some pets. If you dog or cat has hives, facial swelling, or trouble breathing, seek emergency care.

Veterinarian-Approved Treatment Options for Allergies
Up to 15% of all dogs and cats have food allergies. Food allergies don't necessarily show only digestion-related symptoms. Your pet may experience itching along the feet, trunk, face, limbs, or anal area due to food allergies. Skin infections that clear up with antibiotics only to constantly reappear may be signs of a food allergy.

If these problems persist, your veterinarian can help you determine whether your pet is allergic to a food or simply intolerant, and how to handle minor allergy symptoms to make your pet more comfortable.

Call the veterinary professionals at The Vet House if you have questions about your pet's possible allergies. Like you, we love animals and can help you learn how to ease your pet's symptoms. Call us at (972) 690-8741 to schedule an appointment.


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